Questions too hard, according to U.S. Labor Secretary’s staff

A staff member for U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis told us on Friday that Solis wouldn’t talk to us because we ask hard questions.

Solis, who grew up in La Puente, was one of five people given awards at a fundraiser in Monterey Park on Friday night.

The money was to benefit East Los Angeles Women’s Center, a shelter that helps abused women or women who are suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Reporter Juliette Funes was kept away from Solis because our reporters, in the past, have asked questions that required too much research, according to Cindy Chen, Solis’ special assistant.

This has been a common experience with Solis. She usually won’t take questions about issues that deal with labor.

Solis was literally holding hands with a Spanish-language television reporter.

* A commenter asked what Funes planned to ask Solis:
Funes said she was only going to ask about the award.