Questions too hard, according to U.S. Labor Secretary’s staff

A staff member for U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis told us on Friday that Solis wouldn’t talk to us because we ask hard questions.

Solis, who grew up in La Puente, was one of five people given awards at a fundraiser in Monterey Park on Friday night.

The money was to benefit East Los Angeles Women’s Center, a shelter that helps abused women or women who are suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Reporter Juliette Funes was kept away from Solis because our reporters, in the past, have asked questions that required too much research, according to Cindy Chen, Solis’ special assistant.

This has been a common experience with Solis. She usually won’t take questions about issues that deal with labor.

Solis was literally holding hands with a Spanish-language television reporter.

* A commenter asked what Funes planned to ask Solis:
Funes said she was only going to ask about the award.

  • Curious

    Just out of curiosity:

    What were the questions your were going to ask her?

  • Say What

    The day any reporter can ask a question too tough about a department that the Secretary can’t answer is the day to get a new Secretary.

    From my experience with the Secretary she is not all that bright in any case. She seemd lost when the simplist of topics were raised with her.

  • Gilman

    So don’t ask her any questions, instead do your own research and expose her lack of action or accomplishment.

    The arrogance being displayed by our politicians only fuels the anger and unhappiness the average citizen feels.

    Do some research on her campaign donations, trips she takes and who pays, official actions that hurt the public, etc.

  • John

    This is unreal! Questions that are “too hard”? Does the President that appointed her know that she is THIS STUPID? Was she the same as a Congresswoman for this area?

  • Need new leaders

    Says everything about how our Country is being ran. Let’s not stop with removing just her (Solis)

  • real story

    What is the real story? I am sure you are stretching it a bit here, only to get a rise out of the anonymous, bigoted, anti-government commentators. I am surprise you even have the people to send out to events to begin with.

  • Jim

    Please give an example of a question that was “too hard.” I am aware that many politicians try to duck questions and am not surprised at what is written, but a better form of journalism would have given us an example of the “too hard” question.

  • Jesse Torres

    Not sure what all this is about. What I do know is that the East Los Angeles Women’s Center is a tremendous resource in East L.A.

    Regardless of the politics associated with this honoree (Solis), congratulations to ELAWC for the work they do everyday.

    Jesse Torres
    President and CEO
    Pan American Bank
    East Los Angeles, CA 90063
    “California’s Oldest Latino-Owned Bank”