Covina eliminates seven city positions

Covina eliminated seven city positions Wednesday from the library and the parks and recreation, community development and police departments, city officials said.

The city is “restructuring,” city spokeswoman Bobbi Kemp said.

  • Chris C

    What the Hell was the UUT for! You lied to us!

  • Richie

    I can think of seven others (5 councilmembers, city manager and city attorney) that should accept the blame for all of this anf go first!

  • Pamela

    I love how everyone complained Paul Phillips was overpaid, but they hire Mr. Parrish at a much, much higher rate of pay, and then hire his Colton Cronies ON CONTRACTS so they can’t be let go in the event of budget cuts, and pay them much, much more than the prior office holders. Then when positions do come open, they close them early so more Colton Cronies can be hired.

    None of the Colton Cronies even live in the City (except Mr. Parrish has his City owned and paid for house to avoid a commute, he still lives outside of the City), so they don’t even care what happens to Covina.