Duarte’s “crime tip”

While pouring through the stack of documents released by Duarte through a public records request, there was an interesting set of e-mails that came forward.

Duarte used an e-mail address of duartecrimetips@lasd.org with the name Duarte Crime Tips to send an e-mail reminding residents of the Vulcan Public Hearings.

The e-mails asked residents to attend the meetings and express openings and concerns on the matter. It then gave information on the time and place of the meeting.

Some people have raised objections to Duarte’s use of an e-mail blast seemingly for crime and public safety tips as a means to negatively portray the project and hearings in a misleading light.

But officials with the city’s public safety division said that all of those people who sign up for the e-mail blast are aware the city uses it for updates on city events and issues, as well as public safety matters.

“Almost all of the people on the list have signed up through either a neighborhood watch meeting or a city public safety meeting and we tell them right up front when they are signing on the list what is going to come out,” Duarte Public Safety Director Brian Villalobos said. “It is kind of a dual purpose.”

The Public Safety Division operates out of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department substation in Duarte.

The e-mails mostly deal with emergency preparedness tips and crime trends, but occasionally is used for city informational purposes, Villalobos said.

When asked if the thought there was a concern that using an e-mail address that appears to be from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as a means to spread information about this issue might be misleading, Villalobos rejected the notion.

“It is informational,” he said.

What do you think? Should the city use a “Crime Tips” e-mail address to send out information on matters not related to crime?

  • Thomas

    Mr Tedford, I would like to consider myself as some who does not rush to judgment on anything. I like to review information and make up my own mind.

    After reading 100+ pages of the DEIR, and attending all planning commission meetings on this project, I have concluded that is smells fishy. Most of the document appears to be written to support Vulcan and this project. Therefore, I do not trust the information and for that matter do not support the project.

    Additionally, I have read most of your articles and feel that you have a clear bias in support of this project. Why do I feel this way? It appears to me that Vulcan or possible the city of Azusa are using you as there PR person (FYI Mr Priest works for a PR Firm). Your latest article misrepresented what Duarte City manager stated, as well as the purpose of the “settlement”; I know this because I attended the meetings, as well as all of the Azusa planning commission meetings. I go to these meetings not to speak, but to listen, to watch, to understand and make my own judgment on the project. I hope you will try to be more neutral in forthcoming articles.

    Lastly, this posting further reinforces my previous point. What does it matter if Duarte used email, twitter, pony express, or a skywriter? Really, what does it matter, do you think this is newsworthy? Duarte, or any other city should use whatever tools they have to get information to there citizen that may effect them. Whether that be Crime or information on a local project. Would be asking this question if this project was for a cell tower? Did you ask it for the Gold line? How about the Hayen 5k a couple of weeks ago?

    Thank you,

  • Adam Weston

    This is an issue relevant to the community. I think it is totally appropriate to use the email list.

  • Emilio

    Dear Mr. Tedford

    It is really disgusting how you conduct your work. I do not understand why writers like you; who are so biased in your work, still have a job. Instead of researching the political garbage of the two foothill cities, you should focus more on the real issue. The issue that pertains to our health, our mountains, and our dignity! You of course have freedom of press and speech, however that does not mean you should distract the public from the important matter of the Vulcan Proposal. Your work openly shows your opinion and opinions are always followed by interest. So what is your interest? Whatever it may be, it is not right because you Mr.Tedford, have no ethics in your work. So stop trying to make the City of Duarte look so bad! What is your deal? Please i would like to know!! RESPOND TO YOUR OWN BLOG SINCE YOU DID NOT RESPOND TO MY EMAIL!

    Sincerely, Emilio S.

  • Shauna Pierce

    Mr. Tedford

    If you don’t think that Vulcan mining 80 acres directly over an Elementary School in Duarte deals with public safety you are mistaken. Fouling the air that we and our children breathe is a serious threat to our public safety as far as I’m concerned. Well, at least a threat to our lungs.

    I’m happy to have the City of Duarte get the word out in any manner that they feel is appropriate. The residents of Duarte certainly won’t get the facts from any articles written by you.

  • Mary S

    It seems very appropriate since what Vulcan is doing to desecrate our mountains and poison the air we breathe certainly qualifies as a crime to me.