Glendora department directors try to lead by example

In an effort to save money, cut the budget, and show their willingness to make the same sacrifices they are asking of employees, Glendora department directors voluntarily agreed to pay an 8 percent employee share of their retirement benefits.

The restructured payment was approved Tuesday and will take affect in July.

The 8 percent is the maximum amount allowed for an employee to pay into the PERS retirement system, according to the staff report.

According to the staff report, “These individuals want to lead by example and are committed to being part of the solution to ensure the health and stability of the city organization.”

The city estimates this will save $68,000 in the next fiscal year, according to the staff report.

The department directors include City Manager Chris Jeffers, Deputy City Manager Brenda Fischer, Finance Director Josh Betta, City Clerk Kathleen Sessman, Director of Community Services La Shawn Butler, Director of Planning and Redevelopment Jeff Kugel, Director of Public Works Dave Davies, and Library Director Robin Weed-Brown.

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