Vacation time

Just a little head’s up for those of you who get your late night (news) snack from us (Get it, it is called Leftovers? it was a food pun? never mind).

I am going to be out of the office for the next week enjoying some R&R. Keep checking the blog while I am away as (hopefully) the other reporters will try to entertain you in my absence. Until then, here is a crappy overplayed pop song that exemplifies what I am doing with part of its lyrics.

  • Anonymous

    Have you or anyone written about the proposed garbage facility in Azusa at the intersection of Irwindale and Gladstone? Waste Management is the applicant for the humongous project and the city departments are starting their review and maybe an eir?

    Can you help shed some information on this project. Geez, mining, pits and now garbage for Azusa. What’s happening to our city?

  • Eric

    Synchronized water skiing in front of a green screen while wearing a tiara?

    Just Kidding! Have a great vacation!