Footnotes on the city clerk salary story

Since I had already gone running and screaming out the door for my week long summer vacation by the time my city clerk salary story was published in the newspaper, here are some footnotes on the story that I can now share since I have been restored to the working-class real world.

San Dimas – who is noted in the story as not responding to public records request in time for the story – responded the Monday following the article’s publish date. The city clerk’s annual salary is $99,600.

In fairness, Debra Black noted the city responded within the 10-day window allowed for records requests by law. Although, I submitted the request to the very person the request pertained to, so I didn’t think it would take too long.

Here is a letter from Christian G. Shalby, executive director of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks:

Dear Mr. Tedford,

I just read your August 15 article in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune on City Clerk Salaries and found it highly interesting, informative and a clear depiction of the Municipal Clerk profession.

As Executive Director of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC), I couldn’t agree more with your assessment on the value of the Clerk’s profession. It is unheralded and often misunderstood, but important to the mix and function of municipalities. Mr. Johnson’s comments also ring true, especially when it comes to handling elections and important city filings.

As much as some people may frown at the high salaries, they’re comparatively low when you weigh in on the responsibility assigned to this position.

IIMC is a professional nonprofit association with more than 10,000 members throughout North America and 15 other countries, representing municipalities with populations of 1,000 to more than 8 million. The Organization has been in existence since 1947. We prepare our membership to meet the challenge of the diverse role of the Municipal Clerk by providing services and continuing educational development opportunities in 45 permanent college-and university-based learning centers. IIMC offers Municipal Clerks a Certified Municipal Clerk Program (CMC), a Master Municipal Clerk Academy (MMCA) Program and other opportunities to benefit members and the government entities they serve.

I appreciate your time and the well-written article.

Thank you.


Jane, an eager reader, is a little upset the story didn’t focus more on Santa Fe Springs and a potential conflict of interest.

Mr. Tedford,

You mention in your article the salaries for the City Clerks in California are sometimes high and in the case of Santa Fe Springs, the City Manager functions as the City Clerk, isn’t it a big conflict of interest since the city clerk handles the city elections and is one of the most delicate and sensitive duties that the city clerk has? How is that this is allowed? or the City Manager did not want to provide the salary information for the residents of Santa Fe Springs so your readers be fully informed. Also, it will be convenient to inform your readers of the specific duties that a City Clerk does in a given city.
Please provide an answer to this request. Thank you for providing these kind of information to your reading audience.

Jane (last name redacted)

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