Do you still care about Octomom?

I know a lot of the Leftovers readers are the people the posts directly pertain to – city staff, employees, politicos, local politics junkies – so that means not a lot of comments on the posts.

People don’t want anything traced back to them, even harmless replies, in the case it could affect their job or political standing. I get it, no worries.

But for those who do read and don’t mind commenting, I have a question to pose.

Is Octomom, i.e. Nadya Suleman, still news you want to hear about? Or are we just feeding the beast in giving her attention?

You’ll notice the brief on the Tribune’s homepage regarding Suleman and her recent tribulations. Apparently, her attorney is now the owner of the home Suleman lives in.

But do people still care to hear about Suleman or have the legs on that story finally tired?

People often criticize the media for stories they cover when they don’t feel they are newsworthy. I don’t always disagree with those statements, but other times I feel it is the general public that dictates the news based on their interest and instead of looking to the media, they should look to themselves, their friends and neighbors.

I don’t know which it is in the case of Suleman. You tell me.

In related starved media attention news, Gloria Allred plans to end her hunger strike. From Allred’s “urgent media advisory.”

Attorney Gloria Allred who has been on a hunger strike giving up 90 solid food meals for 30 days to draw attention to the need to add the Equal Rights Amendment (E.R.A.) to the U.S. Constitution will end her hunger strike on August 26, 2010 at 11:00 AM at a press conference at the West Hollywood City Hall Lobby at 8300 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood.

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  • Christina

    I think this woman is a Level 5 nutjob who I don’t care to hear about any more. I don’t care, don’t care, don’t care, don’t care. I’m sure I’m not alone on this. If I wanted to read about her, however, there are a zillion other outlets where I can do that. Just because she happens to live in your coverage area doesn’t mean the kind of people who read the Tribune would want to read about her. There comes a point where you have to sit back and ask, “Is this newsworthy?” Times have changed, and so has journalism so I understand the need to hop on a story before it gets old and then beat it to death. But, you’re journalists, not bloggers. There’s a fine line between human interest and a tabloid story. The art of journalism is finding the balance between the two.

    Maybe the rule of thumb is this: If TMZ is covering it, should you be?

  • Allison

    Octomom must be studied. It/She is an important commentary on what we allow to exist in our dominant cultural definition. It is newsworthy if for no other reason than we should all be informed about where tax dollars are allocated. This woman got free medical care, food , and housing. Her children that are autistic are also given funds from government coffers. People that want to close their eyes to the phenomenon otherwise known as Octomom want to live with their blinders on.

  • Christina

    If she were actually being analyzed and studied, I’d agree with you, Allison, but she’s not. She’s a tabloid staple and documenting her every turn with no real depth into her entire, messed-up situation does nothing more than create mindless fodder for people who have nothing to say to each other. She needs to be studied by medical professionals, not newspaper reporters and photographers.

  • George

    Octomom will continue to get media coverage for as long as the stories generate high numbers of clicks on web sites and sales of magazines. Period.

  • Christina Agrees

    Talboid journalism is still journalism. The SGV Tribune, is barely a non-tabloid journal, thus they can report on Octomom.

    Would you rather them cover the murder count? Is that newsworthy? Who decides? Don’t the masses decide? Octomom Forever!