Covina = Rounders?

Police, in an undercover venture, arrested eight people in Covina Tuesday night for illegal poker games.

This doesn’t appear to just be some friendly mates deciding to sit down for a game of hold ’em at $10 a piece. It was in a bar, The Well, and there were multiple tables.

I wonder how long the police “played along” before locking their opponents up?

Dealer: “That ends the betting. Show ’em what you got.”
Cop: “I have three kings. Read ’em and weep.”
Opposing player: “Check that. I have a flush.”
Cop: (Drops badge on the table over the poker chips) “Can you beat that?”

*The depicted scene is a fictional scenario and does not represent any actual events or persons. Please don’t give me any parking tickets.

Anyway, this isn’t the first time The Well bar in Covina has made it into the news. It was also reported to be one of the Covina bars that Andrew Gallo, the man suspected of murder in the car crash death of Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart, Diamond Bar resident Courtney Stewart, and Henry Pearson, was drinking at prior to the Fullerton crash..

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