UPDATED: Four words: Ron Artest. Montebello. Thursday.


OK, maybe you need like a time and place, oh and the reason world champion Los Angeles Laker and game 7 hero Ron Artest is going to be in Montebello tomorrow.

Apparently, he has teamed up with Congresswoman Grace Napolitano (no, really, I’m serious) to raise awareness about mental health stigma’s and advocate for the Mental Health in Schools Act, a.k.a. HR 2531.

Those who watched the Lakers beat the Celtics in this year’s NBA Finals remember Ron thanking his psychiatrist in his post game comments.

Ron Ron and Grace Grace (not working for ya?) will be at Eastmont Intermediate School at 9 a.m. Thursday, Sept 9. (I screwed up an earlier post and said this was tomorrow. It is a week from tomorrow.)

Sorry sports fans, space is limited and they are only accepting those who R.S.V.P. first.

Sorry if I teased you.

UPDATED: Nathan Landers, spokesman for Napolitano, tells me that the Montebello school involved is already practicing some of the mental health items that are proposed in the bill. Apparently, the Congresswoman started the health program there previously.

Also, apparently we are friends with NBC sports. Nice.

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  • Carlos Illingworth Sr.

    We would love to attend. My wife and I are teachers and long time Laker fans! Please reserve two spots for my wife and I.

  • Sorry if I wasn’t clear in the post. Those who wish to attend – in the media – have to reserve with the events coordinators. Sorry, I can’t RSVP for you.

  • !xobile

    lol teachers? It’s “my wife and me”

  • Smarter than you!!!

    “!xobile said:
    lol teachers? It’s “my wife and me””

    !xobile, you are wrong! In fact, you should use ‘I’ in an expression like ‘you and I’ when it is the subject of the verb. For example:
    You and I argue on this subject on a daily basis.
    (“You and I” – subject of the verb ‘to argue’)
    My husband and I accept your
    (“My husband and I” – subject of the verb ‘to accept’)

  • What must I do if I want to attend the event?what is the fix date?Hope to hear from you soon and thanks in advane!