Azusa’s Cool Kutz (or ‘cuts’ to the less hip folk) for Kids attracts more than 200 shaggy haired children and my secret back to school success plan

Apparently, Azusa’s Cool Kutz for Kids was a success, so says a press release I got yesterday.

The event aimed to give children preparing for their first day of school a free hair cut to relieve some burden off the parents while giving kids the opportunity to look sharp on the first day of school.

More than 200 children showed for the event, which features Azusa based barbers and hair stylists performing to cuts.

And then they sent them off to school with fancy new hair-dos, a lesson in charity, and the mistaken knowledge that cuts is spelled kutz.

And if you are going to spell cuts funky for alliteration purposes (or just to be hip) why not go all the way and spell cool “kool.” Just saying.

(As a side note, when I was in grade school I would often wear my old clothes and would put off getting a hair cut for the first week of school when EVERYONE else was looking all clean and new. Instead, I would wear all my new duds and got my hair did on the second week when everyone else’s new shine had already begun to dim.)

Here is a snippet of Azusa’s press release:

AZUSA, Ca–September 1, 2010–On Sunday, August 29, Azusa Mayor Pro Tem, Robert Gonzales kicked-off the second annual “Cool Kuts for Kids” free back-to-school hair cut event at Memorial Park in Azusa. Over 200 school-aged children from Azusa and Irwindale showed-up to received free professional back-to-school hair cuts from stylists and barbers who daily work in Azusa.
“I can’t begin to express the immense senses of gratification that overcame me seeing all those kids with their “Cool Kuts” and smiles,” said Gonzales. “They are now ready to face the new school year with some very special free back-to-school goodie bags that every child received with their “Cool Kut.”
This year’s “Cool Kutz for Kids II” was sponsored by Azusa Mayor, Joe Rocha and Council Member, Uriel Macias, as well as Target Stores, Vulcan Materials and Azusa’s Fraternal Order of Eagles, Aerie 2810. Target Stores donated free gift cards, Vulcan Materials contributed free dictionaries and backpacks and the Eagles Aerie 2810 donated some much needed school supplies.

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