Dueling farmer’s markets

This just in (and by that, I mean, I decided to write it right now): Farmer’s market planned in Azusa will directly compete with Duarte’s! SHOCKING.

Not really. I mean, it is just a farmer’s market. But in a heated political environment where the two cities have battled and are now going to court regarding Vulcan Materials Co.’s Azusa Rock Quarry mining plan, I asked Azusa City Manager Fran Delach if the thought crossed his mind that the city’s recently approved farmer’s market falling at the same time as Duarte’s would create a mini controversy. Keep in mind, during the debate over the quarry project, some Duarte city officials and residents threatened to boycott neighboring Azusa and businesses there.

“It is not our intention to compete or impede the Duarte market at all,” Delach said. “It is not a money making venture on the part of either city. It is more a resource the community brings in for its residents. There are plenty of farmers and vendors to go around.”

It would appear then that the non-existent controversy has ended. For now….

In the realm of real news, there will be more on Azusa’s farmer’s market in tomorrow’s newspaper.

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