We’re going back in time…

I imagined the song from Back to the Future when I wrote that headline. Sadly, all I have to show for it is weekend in review.

This story is a bit older than the weekend, but I wasn’t here to post it. Cal Poly Pomona’s iconic CLA building may be on its last leg. Officials are seeking to get rid of the pointed structure and replace it with a more efficient building. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona. The building is the face of the university. It is hard to believe it would be gone, but as a friend said “at least I still have the Gattaca DVD) (NOTE: The building was used in the movie Gattaca.)

Crystal Lake Campground is struggling to survive without Highway 39 (is there a theme running here?). With the highway project stalled, the campground is near shutting down.

And to brighten your spirits, the annual Route 66 Parade passed through Duarte. Check out the photo gallery when you get a chance.

UPDATE: I forgot to add. D Club is D Closed.

  • CSU builds poorly

    Kinda makes you wonder about the Cal State’s system for contracting construction on their campuses. Cal State LA’s Student Union Building had to be razed about six years ago (after having been mostly empty since the Whittier quake) because it wasn’t up to code. And now Cow Poly Pomona’s got the same problem? That’s two multi-million investments that became worthless within, what, 20 years of their construction? Pretty wasteful.