MOST EXCELLENT NEWS: Bill and Ted looking to make third feature film

San Dimas High School Football Rules!

Bill and Ted and their most awesome ways may be back for a feature film that would turn the popular stoner comedy into a trilogy, says “Ted” Theodore Logan actor, the one and only, Keanu Reeves.

I remember reading some time back about Reeves wanting in on another Bill and Ted movie but his agent wanted none of that. Well, it looks like Reeves has his own agenda (which is cool that he has cast the wise career advise aside to pay homage to a cult classic).

The original film was set in San Dimas (despite being filmed in Arizona) and featured Raging Waters in the movie. The city recently stole the movie’s slogan “Excellent Adventure” for its 50th anniversary celebration.

Honestly, what better news could there be today? Seriously? What? I can’t think of anything.

And take some advice from Rufus and be excellent to each other today.

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