UPDATE: Azusa school board member faces fine for not properly filing campaign statement

Azusa Unified School Board Member Xilonin Cruz-Gonzalez is being fined by the Fair Political Practices Commission for failing to report campaign funds, according to a statement from the commission.

Cruz-Gonzalez, a current school board member, did not meet the deadline for a semi-annual campaign statement for the period between Jan. 1, 2008 and June 30, 2008, according to the statement.

The proposed fine for the failure is $400, according to the FPPC.

In addition to her work as a board member, Cruz-Gonzalez is a well-known anti-mining advocate in the community that has championed an effort to turn down a recent mining plan for the Azusa Rock Quarry.

She has often spoken out regarding the project, but has always said that her role as a board member is separate to her work advocating against the mining project.

UPDATE: Since there was a lot of discussion regarding this post, I did a quick follow up.

Sent a request to the county recorder’s office regarding campaign statements for school board members during the same period Cruz-Gonzalez was fined for not turning in the statements.

Here are the dates each member turned in the statements, according to the county.

Xilonin Cruz-Gonzalez 470 Statement 04/28/2010
Barbara Dickerson 460 Statement 07/31/2008
Rosemary Garcia 470 Statement 08/20/2008
John Burke Hamilton 470 Statement 08/18/2008
Ilean M. Ochoa 470 Statement 08/19/2008

UPDATE THE SEQUEL: Got some more information from the county.

The deadline for turning in the statement was indeed July 31 (kudos to David mentioning that below, as I forgot). Following failure to meet the deadline, the county sends a notice to each person that allows an additional 10 days to turn in the statement. If there is no response from that notice, a second specific notice is sent to each person that allows for an additional 15 days to file.

“If they don’t respond after that notice, then we refer them to the FPPC,” said Josefina Arvizu, who works for the Campaign Finance Disclosure Section of the county registrar’s office. “After we send it to FPPC, that is out of our hands.”

  • David

    She was late in turning in paperwork? That’s the only thing Tedford’s bias reporting could turn up?

    Mr. Tedford, you really are stretching it to try to dig dirt on the pro-Azusa group. Is there any depths to which you will not sink?

  • Jeri V

    David, I see it as more bringing to light the fact the the key members of the group are being singled out in a smear campaign. First, there was a fuss made about two of our members running for City Council, and questioning their character. (As if others haven’t done that themselves. Call out the Marines, people are running for City Council!) And now they are attacking the integrity of yet another member.

    So, Thank you, Mr Tedford for reporting this and bringing it out in the open. Keep your eyes peeled, I believe their attempted dirt digging has only just begun.

  • Anonymous

    David, I do see it as much digging up dirt as much as an exposure of a smear campaign that has been going on against the members of our group since we started the referendum.

    First it was two members who may run for City Council and attacking their characters. (Oh My GOD! Someone is running for City Council, how could they! That’s NEVER been done before!) Now it’s this. We should start a lotto on who’s turn is next.

    Thank you Mr. Tedford.

  • Vulcan Lover

    Who cares that only one board member was fined while the others were let off scott-free. The important thing is that we won!

  • http://www.sgvtribune.com Daniel Tedford

    I really only have one question for the comments here. Who are “they?” I got the report of the possible fine from the Fair Political Practices Commission. If any other Azusa political officials were on the list, I would have reported it as well. It wasn’t some outside group that did some dirt digging and spread this in some mass e-mail. It was a list of county officials being fined for particular offenses.

    Is it a bad offense? Not for me to decide, but the small fine speaks for itself.

  • David

    Dig deeper, only one was SINGLED OUT.

    The fact that you are confused by “They” is further evidence of what has been lacking in the Tribune and Star News; a reporter who will demand the answers to the questions that the readers want to hear.

    Are you ready to step up to the plate yet, Daniel Tedford?

  • Wayne

    Geez you guys, give the man a break! He just reports the news – he doesn’t MAKE it!

  • David

    It is not a question of making or reporting news. No one is suggesting that he create the news, but to JUST report on what is spoon fed to the papers by politicians is wrong. They too have agendas and they are not about to give up information freely without even being asked.
    If reports stopped at what was given to them by politicians Nixon would have had two terms without any Watergate scandal, and the City of Bell would still have a city manager making over a million in salary.

  • David

    Well, congratulations to Barbara Dickerson for being the ONLY school board member to turn hers in before the July 31st deadline.

    Thank you for getting that information, Daniel. The extra effort was worth it.

  • Jeri V

    I stand corrected, and admit to a slight case of paranoia. Behind the scenes, there has been quite the mudslinging campaign going on by many a person involved, so, I had assumed this was another one of those instances. The fine was almost equal to a red light camera ticket and I agree with the assumption it wasn’t considered a huge offense. The mysterious “They” will have to remain a mystery.

  • David

    It’s only paranoia if they are NOT out to get you.

    In this case several of the pro-Vulcan people tried to make this into something much bigger than it was.
    There was plenty of unjustified muck-raking on the blogs trying to turn this into some sort of criminal act by Xilonin instead of simply a late filing of paperwork. I’m glad Daniel Tedford got the information and straightened it out.