Republican nominee for 57th district asks for a do-over concerning his endorsement of Roger Hernandez

Got this via reporter Rebecca Kimitch:

Something got to Brian Gutierrez, Republican candidate for the 57th Assembly district, over the summer.

Just two months after the 20-year-old candidate made the unusual move of endorsing his Democratic rival, West Covina Councilman Roger Hernandez, Gutierrez has done a complete 180.

This week he not only “vehemently” rescinded his endorsement, he went on to refer to Hernandez as “a typical double-talking politician known for his lying.”

Gutierrez said Hernandez hasn’t lived up to his promises to take the young GOP candidate on the campaign trail with him and to listen to the ideas of Republicans.

“I had been badly misled and duped by him,” Gutierrez said.

In July, Gutierrez sang a different song. Back then, he praised Hernandez as someone who would listen to all constituents, regardless of party, and said the Democrat has more experience than him.

Gutierrez also called Hernandez a role model and mentor, remembering how his rival had him over for Thanksgiving when his mom died.

Back in July he said: “My party may not be happy with me for the decision I made, but I believe that no matter who one person may be in terms of their party, you should always support someone you believe in and who can do the job.”

While Gutierrez acknowledged this week that he “simply didn’t do his research” before endorsing his rival, he said he wasn’t being naive in believing a Democrat would listen to Republican ideas.

Either way, the flip-flop won’t likely have much of an outcome on the race. Considering how Democratic the 57th leans, Hernandez is largely considered a shoo-in for the seat.

Here is Gutierrez’s news release:

Brian A. Gutierrez
Republican Nominee

Former Board of Director for the Rowland Unified School District Foundation, and Republican nominee for the 57th Assembly District, Brian A. Gutirrez pulled his endorsement of Roger Hernndez for California Assembly District 57th today, saying he no longer believes him to be the best representative for the residents of the 57th Assembly District.

The 20 year old Mount. San Antonio College student admits he simply didn’t do his research before lending his name to Hernndez’s campaign, and made the endorsement without properly seeking guidance from his consultant. In fact, he believes he was misled by Hernndez’s assertions that they could ‘work together’ for the benefit of the people of the 57th Assembly District.

Gutirrez discovered Hernandez’s tax & spend habits and does not, as a fiscally conservative Latino, support further taxes on small businesses and middle class families. Hernndez’s involvement in the City of West Covina’s Measure D campaign also alerted Gutirrez to the fact that Hernndez has little care for honest government. The FPPC recently fined the committee’s treasurer $6,000 for failing to properly filing campaign financial disclosure statements.

Gutirrez also admits that only recently he became more informed about Hernndez’s unethical behavior and knack for creating hostile work environments in the City.

Gutirrez stated in the past that Hernndez was his mentor and role model, but as maturity tends to do, he realized Roger is a typical double-talking politician known for his lying. In fact, Roger doesn’t even have the support of his own council, not a single endorsement from any of them due to his lack of character. Gutirrez was mistaken about Hernndez’s leadership ability and vehemently rescinds his endorsement.

Finally, Gutirrez has just this to say, “Roger left me no alternative than to pull my endorsement, and he knows why. I had been badly misled and duped by him, but luckily I found out before November and will do my utmost to try and right this wrong. I also oppose his support for a $200 fee on residents that are forced to call 911. It’s a slap in the face of hard-working taxpayers who have already paid their taxes for emergency services while Hernndez, along with other council members have shifted those taxes from public safety to their own pay checks.

Please join Brian A. Gutirrez as he works hard the next five weeks to get out the vote in the 57th AD. Gutirrez hopes you join him in making change happen. Feel free to visit Gutirrez official website at

I Brian A. Gutirrez approved this letter:


Brian A. Gutierrez
Candidate/Nominee for California’s 57th
Assembly District.