A fresh batch of weekend links

I fear I am going to hog some of the links today, but my ego has actually grown very little.

You may have seen Sunday’s package in the newspaper regarding city car allowances. Two web links for you on that story. The more specific story about El Monte’s car allowances and an overall picture of the Valley.

Then there is another story out of Rio Hondo’s Police Academy. This one follows up on claims of ammunition abuse at the school while addressing some other issues at the academy.

Here is one to wet your appetite: Food trucks are gathering at SpeedZone in Industry.

Fran Delach, Azusa City Manager, called redevelopment funds “city life blood.” Gov. Jerry Brown may pull the plug.

Those concerned about autism should take a look at today’s display. A new study links freeways to autism. That story is coupled with the recent news that having children close together may increase the risk of autism. This also follows recent headlines debunking the doctor who is known for promoting a link between autism and vaccines.

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  • David

    Fran Delach once again shows his priorities. As the SGVTribune article points out:

    “But using property taxes for redevelopment means less money for schools and other public services.”

    But what else would we expect from a City Manager who spends most of his time promoting strip-mining next to schools.

  • Former Business person in El Monte

    The public should demand a serious investigation into El Monte Government officials — especially the old-timers who have run the city for decades.

    It is well known to any business person that has ever tried to do business in El Monte that the city is very corrupt.

    The City of El Monte’s police and enforcement officials poke their noses in everybody’s business while making it 100% clear that they have friends who can help solve the problems, all for just the right donation to the right cause.

    Daniel Tedford — you were wrong in your article when you seemed to say that the problems with the controversial proposed development at Maxson Road in El Monte are just a dispute between competing businesses. There is a lot more going on.

    If you are a good investigative reporter, you need to look into the true nature of Lt. Santos Hernandez, who is just one of the insiders backing the Maxson Road project. According to the material passed out at Tuesday’s planning commission, Lt. Santos Hernandez is getting free rent for his boxing club — which is located at the Maxson Road venue! What other perks is he getting?!

    The problem with El Monte is that everybody will be afraid to talk to you.

    Just do a detailed search and you will find a lot about what happened to people who have gone up against Lt. Santos Hernandez and his buddies in El Monte. There was a protest a number of years ago after he KILLED a person that had reported being harassed by the El Monte Police Department.

    This is something that needs to be brought to the attention of State or Federal officials in my opinion. It is not just a dispute between two businesses.