West Covina doesn’t wait long to adjust council photo

Most city websites have employee and city council pictures that last for years, sometimes more, and are rarely updated. But in West Covina, it didn’t take long before the council members got together to take a group picture without now Assemblyman Roger Hernandez in it.

The new picture, showing four of the council members but not newly appointed member Karin Armbrust, includes Steve Herfert, Shelley Sanderson, Mike Touhey and Sherri Lane.

  • Cesar

    November 2011 is fast forthcoming.
    We must all get involve.
    If you’re interested in making a difference either vote or run for office.
    All you have to be is 18 years old and a West Covina resident.

    Lets make a difference…

    Congratulations to Assemblymember for the 57th Assembly District Roger Hernandez.

  • bruce Knoles

    Congratulations to Assemblyman Roger Hernandez. I want to personally thank him for his support.

  • Bill Martinez

    Roger Hernandez is CORRUPT!!!!

    The guy only has 6 years and he will be done. This guy is dating Councilwoman from Baldwin Park. SCUM.

  • not that it matters

    I thought he was dating a former Tribune reporter?

    Regardless, I think those WC councilmembers are a little too cliquish.

  • herb

    That is not a new picture. It has been edited to remove Roger. It is the same pic that was on the WC site before. Been there for years, except now, no Roger. I imagine they will pose for a new pic with Karin.