U.S. Army Corps cuts ribbon on new break room! Oh, btw, local dams might break…

The Santa Fe and Whittier Narrows dams have Dam Safety Safety Class II – URGENT (Unsafe or Potentially Unsafe), but there isn’t a press release about that on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ website.

You know what there is a press release for? This:

LOS ANGELES–More than 30 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District team members welcomed the addition of a much-anticipated break room on the 11th floor during a ribbon cutting ceremony here Jan. 19.

Col. Mark Toy, district commander, said one of the first things he did after taking command July 1, 2010, was to examine employee work stations and brainstorm ways to improve them. One of the things Toy noticed was there was nowhere for workers to take a break and recharge their batteries throughout the workday. Since the compression of the building at 915 Wilshire Blvd. was completed last year, there was no designated location for employees to relax.

“You can’t work 14 hour days and then [take a] break in the hallways, parking lot or the bathrooms. I was really concerned there wasn’t a place for our people to get away from work. Now we have a great flat screen TV, really nice furniture and vending machines,” said Toy.

Completion of the break room was made possible thanks to a partnership and coordination between the executive office; Lincoln Properties, which manages the building; the Logistics Office and General Services Administration.

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  • build an ark

    That’s because these are dams that would break if the reservoir behind them ever filled with water, but the reservoirs are never filled with water. It means we don’t have the margin for error we thought we did, but it would still take an extended period of heavy rain to make us think about building an ark. Even after December, I’ll bet neither earthen dam did any significant water retention.

  • sensational fish wrap

    Did you check ALL the way back in 2009 for the release, Tedford? These people did.


    Maybe USACE forgot to track Tedford down before writing this article… too busy looking for a place to make coffee to get through the 14-hour appreciativeless days.

  • http://www.sgvtribune.com Daniel Tedford

    You mean check with my boss who wrote that story at the same newspaper I write this blog for? Yeah, I knew about that. Ha ha.