La Puente: Kenline update, Holliman’s last meeting

Former City Manager Josi Kenline is still negotiating the terms of her departure.

A settlement agreement was listed on tonight’s council agenda, but I’m now hearing the item will be pulled. Her contract called for $160,000 in severance.

I’ve got an article pending on Kenline’s management of City Hall in the past year. It’s been holding for a couple weeks, but should see print later this week. Stay tuned.

Also tonight, this should also be interim City Manager Al Holliman’s last meeting. He’s going back to his full-time teaching position at Southwest Baptist University in Missouri. The council has already interviewed two candidates to replace him — still on an interim basis — and will hire one tonight.

Planning Commission appointments are also on the agenda, along with the Puente Pride and Education commissions.

  • Anonymous

    what ever happened to you more to come article following this blog??? also why isnt anyone looking into the decisoins the contracted HR person at the city of la puente is doing by giving fulltime hard working employees pink slips?? has anyone looked in to what she did in the city of montebello??? Wake up council and residents of la puente………do we want to see the city in a lawsuit for unjustice lay-off, its our taxes and our city…….lets not be another city of bell???

  • truthseeker

    Question regarding Josi Kenline.

    LA Times has an article that she is still suiing La Puente for sexual harrassment 6 months after quitting.

    Is that because the building manager is suing her for sexual harrassment?

    Also, I thought she was married. isn’t it harder to prove she was sexually harrassing?

    Is she working anywhere?