• Filemu

    Where were those 2000 plus voters who signed the petition when you needed them most? Truth prevails after all.

  • Bruce

    Lies and big money prevailed. By the time the truth is revealed, it will be too late.

  • Jeri V

    So, in two years, the “Mayan Steps” will have it’s multi-million dollar makeover finished, the City will have a new library, 1000 jobs will have been created, everyone will have daily access to Fish Canyon, more open space will have been created, our parks will all have fresh new makeovers, our police force and schools will have state of the art equipment, the City of Azusa will be the new Monrovia, and conveniently, our City Council will be up for reelection. Those are big promises to fill, I hope they ate their Wheaties.

    Or will the excuses begin now.

  • Thomas

    It time for us to stop sling mud. Our country is founded on democracy, and the results speak for themselves. It is my personal belief that we need to follow the money trail and in the end we will see that this whole thing is about money, and that is very sad. I truly feel that this was a bad decision. I feel in my heart of hearts that our children and our grand children are going to bare the consequences of this decision. I understand that the YES on A folks think that “fixing” the mountains (I am not sure what that means), gaining dollars for the city, and moving the mining away from the most wealthy citizen makes sense. But I ask you to think about it, WHY would a corporation spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to “swap” sides for “operational efficiencies”. Really? I would say that you are being naive. They want to swap sides because there is more rock on the other side, which in the end is expansion. I hope that Vulcan follows though with their commitments, but my guess is they will suck enough profits from the mountains then sell it to another company who can can claim they did not cause the problem.. and then in turn mine the east side and we will wonder how this happened.

  • David

    Or, you could help out the AAME to hold Vulcan to their promises.

    Did anyone REALLY think that Vulcan’s fully owned and funded by Vulcan organization, the Canyon City Alliance, was going to hold themselves responsible?

    How about the City Staff who will have to pay back up to $5 million if they give Vulcan ANY grief?