Collection of the best links regarding the Arizona shooting (UPDATED: Loughner’s mugshot is released)


I went to my favorite places to read news and opinion, various articles linked by others that I see on Twitter or Facebook, and searched for more on my own and compiled them here. If you want to learn more, get information, or see what people are talking about regarding the shooting, I think these are your best sources.

Here is the latest update from NPR on Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ condition.

Here is a broad overview from the Christian Science Monitor’s editorial board: Arizona shooting: An isolated case with broad ramifications

Locally, the shooting touched people at Claremont’s Scripps College where Giffords is an alumna.

Here is a sample of assassin Jared Lee Loughner’s social media posts over at CNN.

Before the shooting, Congresswoman Giffords wrote a Republican friend about toning down rhetoric and partisanship.

UPDATE: Mediaite’s Rachel Sklar and conservative radio host Steve Malzberg debated the issue on CNN. Sklar is a personal favorite of mine when it comes to writing/talking about the media. Here is the debate.

Fox News’ website has its lead story as “Left rushes to spin act of madman into blame game.”

UPDATE: Here is an interview with Fox News’ Roger Ailes regarding what has taken place and his network’s role. “I told all of our guys, shut up, tone it down, make your argument intellectually. You don’t have to do it with bombast. I hope the other side does that.” has a piece on revolutionary rhetoric that spawns political violence.

Also at Salon, Steve Kornacki says the weekend attack wasn’t about Tea Party rage.

New York Times Columnist Paul Krugman’s first thoughts on the shooting.’s Brian Palmer looks at why so many assassins go by three names. Also at Slate, Vaughan Bell says we are all too quick to blame mental illness in situations like this. A third one from Slate (you should probably just go to as they have about 5 or 6 good reads on the subject) by Jack Shafer says calls to end inflamed rhetoric aren’t good for free speech.

Looking over tweets regarding Loughner, it appears that nothing will be “mended” as a result of this shooting. Many people are calling for soul searching, healing, etc., as a result of the shooting that many believe are the result of a country boiling over with angry political rhetoric.

But the talk about such things seems to have only heightened that rhetoric, rather than tone it done. People are jumping to blame one side or the other, using any “evidence” they can to support an argument. Is Loughner a registered Democrat or Republican appears to be the latest meaningless fact being thrown around to cast blame (or deflect it). Those types of debates, sadly, miss the point.

UPDATE: Fittingly, it seems the meaningless and absurd debate of Loughner’s political party has become even more meaningless. He is an independent.

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A fresh batch of weekend links

I fear I am going to hog some of the links today, but my ego has actually grown very little.

You may have seen Sunday’s package in the newspaper regarding city car allowances. Two web links for you on that story. The more specific story about El Monte’s car allowances and an overall picture of the Valley.

Then there is another story out of Rio Hondo’s Police Academy. This one follows up on claims of ammunition abuse at the school while addressing some other issues at the academy.

Here is one to wet your appetite: Food trucks are gathering at SpeedZone in Industry.

Fran Delach, Azusa City Manager, called redevelopment funds “city life blood.” Gov. Jerry Brown may pull the plug.

Those concerned about autism should take a look at today’s display. A new study links freeways to autism. That story is coupled with the recent news that having children close together may increase the risk of autism. This also follows recent headlines debunking the doctor who is known for promoting a link between autism and vaccines.

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Blog issues

Just an update for you hungry Leftovers fans.

We have had issues with the blogs throughout our company for the past week. Things appear to be working again, but comments are down for now as a precautionary measure. I hope – and expect – they will return to us soon.

A new year means a new round of weekend recap

Another long weekend has passed us by and in its wake we are left with a new year, the knowledge that we are back to those grueling five day schedules, and that you probably spent most of the weekend hungover and therefore didn’t want to stare at a computer screen reading stores.

With that knowledge, I offer you a recap of what you missed.

While war rages for U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan and plagues them after their return home, the men and women who served feel the rest of the country has lost interest.

On a recent Saturday night, while cruising the city in his patrol car, El Monte police Lt. Chuck Carlson said he hasn’t noticed an increase in crime or gang activity because of the decrease in proactive policing. Nor has the recession – which is largely to blame for El Monte’s city budget woes – sparked an increase in crime, as hard economic times often do.

While it’s not uncommon for a Little League team or a service club to partner with a restaurant to raise money, politicians in Azusa are pioneering a new use for the practice.

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