San Dimas talks Gold Line site

Long after residents dissuaded San Dimas from locating a future Gold Line station at Bonita and Cataract, the city is still discussing the best place to put a station.

The Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority is currently studying a site south of the tracks between Walnut and San Dimas avenues, and held a community meeting Thursday to gather information for its environmental report, due in draft form by late summer.

The desired site is now occupied by Storage Solutions, and the business owners aren’t happy about the idea. But city and train limitations leave few other options for a 400-car parking structure that isn’t taller than two stories. Other ideas include the auto shop and kennel next door, and expanding the park and ride across San Dimas Avenue. There’s also the undeveloped part of the Grove Station project, but Community Development Director Larry Stevens is pessimistic about that possibility because of entitlements attached to the property and the city’s vision for mixed-use development.

The light-rail train’s arrival is years away, probably a decade. It currently operates from L.A. to Pasadena, and construction is now underway on a Pasadena to Azusa extension.

  • J. Sellman

    The height limit is ridiculous. A huge horizontal parking garage (really just a double-decker parking lot here) will waste vast swaths of land that could be used for homes and businesses.

    Build a 10+ story parking garage, but on the first two floors put some retail businesses — then people who go to/from the station will spend money to support the local economy.

    Then in all the space you saved by building it higher, build MORE businesses and stick homes on top of that. Big expensive homes, small cheap homes, however affluent you feel like building.

    Then there will be places for people to live who will also take the train, and people can take the train to come visit these people as well, and all these people will have places to shop, eat, get their hair done, etc.

    Build UP not out. =P