Landslide crew’s Web site appears to be crumbling, too

In February, Caltrans hired Autobahn Construction, Inc. to repair a collapsed hillside that forced the closure of a portion of the 10/57 Freeway interchange in San Dimas.

Now, some two months and $3.25 million later, the “repaired” hillside has again collapsed, leaving commuters and taxpayers wondering if we got what we paid for.

The first bit of research into Autobahn Construction isn’t reassuring. Let’s hope the company did a better job rebuilding the hillside than it did building it’s Web site.

The Web site appears to be in as much disarray as the crumbling San Dimas hillside.

It features the company’s name, logo, address and a few photos of enthusiastic workers. But the rest is gobbledygook and generic filler text. It looks like someone quit in the middle of the job.


One would think a $3.25 million government contract would buy something a little better.

Caltrans has yet to identify why the hillside collapsed for a second time. It’s entirely possible the new slide is absolutely no fault whatsoever of Autobahn.

But the company’s online presence certainly could do more to inspire public confidence in its work.