There’s more to a landfill than trash…and ball fields

12866-methane tour.JPG

Today, photographer Raul Roa and I visited a methane power plant at the BKK Landfill site in West Covina. The plant has been there for nearly 20 years (who knew?!), and it takes methane gas from the landfill and converts it into electricity.

Also at the plant is a water treatment plant, which takes garbage water, treats it, then uses it to water the plants on the landfill.The above picture was taken at the water treatment plant, and below is a picture of bins that are used to burn the methane that cannot be converted into electricty.

12867-methane tour 2.JPG

The plants are not open to the public, but can be reached by turning right instead of left when you are driving to Big League Dreams.

Alvarez to be sentenced today


Xavier Alvarez, the Three Valleys Municipal Water Board director who lied about having received the Medal of Honor, is scheduled to be sentenced today at a federal hearing.

Among those expected to be present in the courtroom is Melissa Campbell, a former Marine, who claims she was fired from her job at Southern California Edison last year after confronting Alvarez and questioning his claim that he won the Medal of Honor, Will Bigham reports.

Holguin in court

So former Valley County Water Director Dolores Holguin is in Citrus Court in West Covina right now, facing one count of misusing public funds.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office filed the charge against Holguin , 59, in May.

She pleaded not guilty to the charge last month.

Scheduled for today was Holguin’s preliminary hearing. More to come when we know it.

In the meantime, if convicted, Holguin faces a maximum of four years in prison and will be prevented from ever serving public office again.

Fighting words from Alvarez


i-c37328f8454b075e6ac27b2a6e54d681-medal+winner+xavier[1].JPGJust like they said they would, members on the Three Valleys Municipal Water District in Claremont called on Director Xavier Alvarez to resign on Wednesday. And, surprise, it passed on a 6-1 vote.

Alvarez, who pleaded guilty to a federal charge of falsely claiming that he won the Medal of Honor, opposed it. BTW: He never served in the military.

But before the vote, Will Bigham reports that Alvarez had a few things to say. Among them, he called Pomona Councilman Marco Robles, who said that voters are fed up with Alvarez, corrupt and accused him of misusing public funds.

Bigham reports: “In a public statement shortly before Wednesday’s vote, Alvarez called Robles corrupt and accused him of misusing public funds. He also minimized the impact of a potential recall campaign.”

“I’ll be the last man standing,” he said to Robles.

Alvarez also took shots at his board members, accusing them of arriving at meetings intoxicated and seeking reimbursements for nondistrict events such as birthday parties. And then Alvarez wrapped up his comments with going after Brian Bowcock, the board member who initially pushed for the resolution calling on Alvarez to resign.

“You are a disgrace to the human race,” Alvarez told to Bowcock. 

(The picture above was found on the blog, Claremont Insider.)

Gas prices have you down? Here’s more bad news…

Great. Pretty soon we won’t be able to afford gas, and now we’re out of water. Well, not quite that bad. But the Governor today declared a statewide drought.

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – After two years of below-average rainfall in California, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a statewide drought on Wednesday.

The proclamation in an executive order allows water officials to more rapidly shift water around California, one of the nation’s top farm states that also has wilderness areas prone to wildfires.

Many California water districts have already imposed restrictions on water use amid dry weather and after a U.S. court aiming to protect a fish species forced the state to pump less water from its San Joaquin-Sacramento River Delta, the state’s fresh-water hub.

“For the areas in Northern California that supply most of our water, this March, April and May have been the driest ever in our recorded history,” Schwarzenegger said in a statement.

He’s a “disgrace”


Three Valleys Municipal Water District Director Brian Bowcock called district Board Member Xavier Alvarez a “disgrace” at the board’s Wednesday meeting and asked him to resign, Daily Bulletin reporter Will Bigham reports today.

You’ll recall Alvarez pleaded guilty to falsely claiming he won the Medal of Honor, which has touched off furor in the community and among local veterans.

As promised, Bowcock ripped Alvarez a new one and even called for recall campaign to remove Alvarez from his seat.

Alvarez’ defense: “I said it,” Alvarez said. “I regret it – the way that I said it.”

Water official asked to step down

This just in from Will Bigham:

Alvarez asked to resign
Will Bigham, Staff Writer
Article Launched: 05/21/2008 02:11:14 PM PDT

CLAREMONT – A local water representative called for the resignation this morning of director Xavier Alvarez, who has pleaded guilty to falsely claiming he won the Medal of Honor.

At a meeting this morning of the Three Valleys Municipal Water District, Director Brian Bowcock called Alvarez a “disgrace,” read from a lengthy list of Alvarez’s lies and urged Alvarez to have the “decency to resign your position.”

“You are a disgrace to the district, a disgrace to south Pomona and a disgrace to the Latino people of the community,” said Bowcock, who represents La Verne and Claremont. “But most of all, you have disgraced and embarrassed the servicemen and women of our country.”