Interest in Glendora commissions, committees remains limited

Remember when I told you about Glendora’s issues with getting volunteers for come of its city’s commissions and committees? It is OK if you don’t, I got the link for you right here so you can eagerly get the background before reading on.


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OK, so out of the 17 vacancies the city had, they are now interviewing eight people to fill positions.

So, the question still lingers: What should a city do when these commissions/committees see lack of interest? Can they still perform a needed advisory role with limited community involvement?

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Commissions, committees and boards, oh my!

Cities are chalk full of boards, committees and commissions. Transportation, park, trails, business, water, etc., etc., etc.

Most of the positions are filled by volunteers, community people interested in public service or the specific subject the commission relates too.

Other commissions, most notably Planning, are more involved. There are many applicants and a number of City Council members have used the position as a spring board and/or learning experience before running for council.

But in some places, the abundance of such committees may make it difficult to fill all the positions.

In Glendora, that is one of the issues they faced recently as numerous commissions and committees didn’t have new applicants or enough to fill all its vacancies, forcing the city to extend its application period.

The city had 17 vacancies across seven city advisory groups.

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