Azusa Target grand opening Sunday, soft opening today


The way big chain stories are greeted in cities, with all the deals (for residents) and sales tax revenue (for cities), you would think Azusa would be paving Azusa Avenue with gold, or at least rolling it with red carpet for a day. To be honest, I’ll settle for a giant pair of scissors with a ribbon cutting. Classic stuff.

(Also, I would like to borrow those scissors for Christmas time. I hate cutting wrapping paper and those giant scissors would get the job done it one fell swoop.)

Anyway, the official soft opening for Target is today (Tuesday!) from 5 to 6 p.m. The fireworks extravaganza grand opening is Sunday when Target is opening 10 stores on 10/10/10. The store WILL NOT be open Wednesday through Saturday.

(OK, I lied. There won’t be fireworks.)

Azusa Target now accepting applications


The economy is saved! The new Target being constructed in Azusa is now accepting applications for jobs.

OK, so maybe the economy still has a long way to go, but for those in need of work you can now apply for future jobs at the Target in Azusa. The city posted a link to the stores job site this weekend and you can apply for jobs with the company via its website.

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