Baldwin Park mayor vows to stop Irwindale “pollution factory”

Irwindale is drafting a new Environmental Impact Report for a material recovery facility planned for a site on the city’s border, but Baldwin Park officials are adamantly opposed to the project, they said.

“We’re going to do whatever we can both at our level, the state level and the federal level to prevent this pollution factory from being built adjacent to to Baldwin Park,” Baldwin Park Mayor Manuel Lozano said. “Irwindale has plenty of spaces in their area and they should consider that.”

A draft EIR for the project was completed in 2009, but a consultant hired by Baldwin Park to review the document said the report was inadequate and should be rewritten and redistributed.

“We’re in the process of drafting and recirculating the EIR, addressing the concerns of the stakeholders in the area,” said Irwindale Interim City Manager Sol Benudiz. “We want to make sure it’s as comprehensive as humanly possible.”

Trash hauler Athens Services would use the 17-acre site at Live Oak Avenue and Arrow Highway in Irwindale to sort recyclables from garbage before sending the remaining trash to a landfill.

Baldwin Park officials are concerned about the environmental implications, including air quality issues, that the facility may present for its residents.

Bernudiz was unsure about when the EIR would be completed, he said.

(Via reporter Maritza Velazquez)

El Monte getting what it’s owed

You know that friend that is constantly not bringing enough money for dinner or always needs some help buying his movie ticket or paying rent? Well, it seems Phoenix Waste and Recycling Services was kind of like that friend to El Monte. Except in this case, while you were letting your buddy slide on rent, you also had to fire the maid.

The trash service is selling its route to Valley Vista Services and will finally pay back some $500,000 to $1 million to El Monte in debt the company racked up.

I could insert various movie or T.V. references here in regards to owing someone money, but I’ll pass and instead skip to a quick preview of the story and a link.

EL MONTE – A large debt long-owed to the city by one of its trash collection companies is finally getting paid.

Phoenix Waste and Recycling Services, which collects waste from homes and businesses in various parts of the city, is selling its route to Valley Vista Services, which already collects trash in other parts of El Monte.

That transaction means Phoenix’s growing past-due bill with El Monte will get paid, according to city manager Rene Bobadilla.

Bobadilla would not reveal the amount of the total debt, saying the final accounting is still in the works. Estimates from council members and employee union watchdogs range from $500,000 to $1 million.

The debt comes from unpaid franchise fees owed to the city, as well as fees required under state law mandating recycling, the city failed to collect for years.

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