They give Oscars to ski films, don’t they?

By Jerry Rice

The Academy Award nominations will be announced early Thursday morning. While there’s nary a snowflake in several of the leading best picture candidates — “Argo,” “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” “Zero Dark Thirty” — there are many prize-worthy films that have been released over the years about skiing and snowboarding.

We surveyed Taylor Rhoads, who listed his five favorites in his blog, at, and included some of his comments about each. His picks:

“All.I.Can” movie poster

1. “All.I.Can.” (2011), Sherpas Cinemas “‘All.I.Can’ has insane cinematography, a little bit of an artsy feel, and some gnarly shredding in super exotic places that you may or may not ever be able to afford to visit in real life.”

2. “Swift. Silent. Deep.” (2009), Teton Gravity Research  “These are skiers that, at the time, had not yet accepted their own mortality, which is a killer mentality to watch on screen.”

3. “The Dream Factory” (1997), Teton Gravity Research  “In typical TGR fashion, this film is all style/we’re better than you at this (real talk). We get some sweet perspective on the pioneers, as well as the new generation of free-skiers that are transforming the Alaska scene into the next decade.”

4. “Revolver” (2010), Salomon & Poor Boyz  “This film is basically the dream team of skiing on one DVD.”

5. “The Eighty Six” (2012), Stept Productions  “If you’re into urban shredding, this is your jam.”

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