Mammoth reports most snow in North America

With a base depth of 8-16 feet from Main Lodge to the Summit, Mammoth says it has the most snow in North America.

Snow Report – Updated: 9:48 AM Snow Report Hotline: 1-888-SNOWRPT

New Snow
Season Total
239 inches
At Main Lodge
Surface Conditions
Packed Powder
Machine Groomed
Base Depth
94 in
Main Lodge 8,900′
Base Depth
120 in
McCoy Station 9,600′
Base Depth
192 in
The Summit 11,053′

Mammoth gets a ton of snow, but reporting “exactly” how much snow is on the mountain at any given time can present a challenge, so they’re making some changes to the way they report snow depth on the mountain. In the past, they’ve used measurements from one location (off Sesame Street, near Main Lodge) to reflect the snowfall totals on the entire mountain. Now, they are increasing the number of measurement sites in order to more accurately report how much snow they have on the ground.

Historically, new snowfall and base depth totals have been measured by Ski Patrol at their Sesame Street Snow Study Site. This area, located right off of Sesame Street (Chair 11), is home to a number of different sensors that read new snow totals and provide measurements for base depth.

While those readings are highly accurate, they do not reflect the measurements for other parts of the mountain (areas that may receive more snow or be highly wind-affected). In order to be more thorough, Mammoth will now be reading measurements from Sesame Street, as well as mid-mountain and the Summit.

Its operations team will probe the mountain weekly for our mid-mountain totals, and will use the sign at the top of the mountain to provide a visual indicator of how much snow is at the top. No more adjustments necessary, just real measurements reflecting the base for the entire mountain.


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