‘The Burn’ is a fiery pow video from Salomon Freeski TV

By Jason Blevins
The Denver Post

Now in it’s sixth year of releasing 12 videos every ski season, Salomon’s Freeski TV has more than established itself as a force in the increasingly congested world of ski films.

Produced by Mike Douglas, the godfather of freeskiing, Salomon’s short videos have grown from TV-oriented documentaries to full-blown art. Encapsulating the graceful cinematography of, say, Sweetgrass Productions, with the charging action of Matchstick or TGR, Salomon Freeski TV has found the perfect formula for brief yet titillating ski films. (They could teach the big boys a thing or two on the brevity end.)

This season’s 10th episode, “The Burn,” is the outfit’s best yet, with stunning imagery and top-tier effects merging fire, ice and some mad skiing.