30 skiers take a flying leap, hope to land in the record books

Thirty Canadian skiers pulled off a crazy stunt on the slopes at Mont St. Sauveur in Quebec, and they hope it will land them in the “Guinness Book of World Records.”

Led by freestyle-skiing world champion Mikaƫl Kingsbury, who reportedly came up with the idea a month or two ago, members and ex-members of the Canadian freestyle skiing team took part in the adventure on April 14 when they got together on the mountain, trained for a couple hours, then joined hands and went for it.

Record or not, the video on YouTube has more than 74,000 views.

It was the group’s second attempt, according to Jerome Berneche, one of the skiers who talked to a local news station. “On the first try, the line broke, because we had problems with the angle of the slope that was steeper on one side than the other, so some people did not have the same speed,” he said. “On the second try, everyone landed and the line didn’t break, everybody landed hand in hand.

“We were pretty stoked, I don’t think anybody really expected it to work that well.”

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