Mountain High enhances its Family Learning Center

Youngsters will have more and better opportunities to learn how to ski and snowboard at Mountain High this winter – something their parents will appreciate. (Mountain High photo)

Youngsters will have even more and better opportunities to learn how to ski and snowboard at Mountain High this winter. (Mountain High photo)

Mountain High has increased the size of its Family Learning Center to accommodate even more students ages 4 to 12.

Located adjacent the Bullwheel Grill, the two-story facility is complete with rentals, restrooms, warming stations and more. Parents can pick up tickets and rentals there or book online ( and have lesson packets waiting for them when they arrive. This also guarantees lesson reservation in case of a sellout.

For first-time skiers and snowboarders, the experience begins in the West base area at the new Winter Sports School reception kiosk. That’s where guests can purchase tickets, pick up rental paperwork, and check in for lessons. Then they take their first ride up a 400-foot moving carpet to the Children’s Sports Center and adult meeting area where they meet their instructors. After the lesson or during mid-day breaks, families can warm up in the remodeled Bullwheel Grill and enjoy updated menu items ranging from mouth- watering burgers to heart-healthy options.

On the snow, Mountain High has partnered with Burton to offer a new Burton Riglet LTR (Learn To Ride) Center and implemented terrain-based teaching. When combined, these two elements are proven to help students progress faster and have more fun on the snow.

Burton Riglet LTR Center
Since 1998, Burton has featured beginner-specific equipment and learning programs. Today, they partner with more than 190 resorts and offer a full range of Learn To Ride programs and parks.

Resorts partnered with Burton not only have the training and experience to work with kids of all ages, but also the boards, boots and bindings to provide the best start. Soft-flex boards with catch-free edges make the equipment easy to control, and Velcro boots and bindings are something even a small mitt-covered hand can manage. Throw a Riglet towing accessory on the smallest boards and no child is left behind.

Interactive stations allow kids to maneuver over, under, around and through sculpted terrain and features. Balance, weight transfer, edging and freestyle are learned through fun and play. Lessons begin at age 4 and include individual attention and feedback with small class sizes in a safe and friendly environment.

By integrating play into snowboarding and using an interactive environment, kids have more fun and get better results.                                                             

Terrain-based teaching
Terrain-based teaching zones are the newest thing when it comes to making learning easy and fun. Features such as banks, berms, camel humps and mini-halfpipes let guests feel the natural movements of their equipment while reducing fears, reducing falls and increasing the overall excitement. Students learn to go with their momentum rather than fight against it because the terrain does the work.

The result transforms a “traditional” lesson taught on the bunny hill into a beginner experience that keeps students engaged and coming back.