Skier impressed with Ski Butlers customer service in Park City, Utah

Ski Butlers is celebrating its 10th season this winter. Founded in Park City, Utah in 2004, Ski Butlers has grown to 10 locations serving more than 35 North American ski resorts.

“From our first shop, which was a single car garage in Park City, to expanding into another 9 locations, the journey and experiences with our team members and customers have been unforgettable,” said President  Bryn Carey.

Sheila Chapman recently  had a chance to check out Ski Butler. She tells us about her experience with Ski Butlers:

Ordering online was easy. Ski Butlers keeps it simple because it doesn’t have to be complicated. They met our group in the lobby with all our rentals.

I received 158 Rossignol Experience skis. I thought they might be a bit small and Sarah, the technician, explained if I didn’t like them, I could exchange them with a simple call and Ski Butlers would meet me where ever I was – a resort, the hotel, etc.

Turns out I was offered demo skis by the Rossignol rep on 170 Soul 7’s. After a day of skiing on the Soul 7’s, I called Ski Butler from Canyons Resort to exchange for longer skis and they were happy to meet me to exchange the skis.

We decided on the hotel since I was on my way back there already. I gave them my room number and with minutes of me arriving they knocked on the door. After adjusting my new skis, the 170 Savry 7’s to my boot, I signed a piece of paper for the exchange and they were gone (not before leaving me complimentary hand warmers – little touches go a long way).

Painless and I was happy. Happy with the longer skis and simple exchange with no hassle to me.

The next day, the Savry 7’s skied great! I did not. I ended up injuring my calf muscle (my own fault, just fall and don’t fight it).

The Deer Valley Ski Patrol called the convenient Ski Butler number sticker on the skis and had the skis picked up at Deer Valley. Again no hassle for me, I already had enough to deal with.

The best part was they asked me to call them when it was convenient for me to sign an incident form since I was wearing their skis. I had forgotten to call until later in the day, they didn’t harass me with calls, they just patiently waited for me to call them back.

I was on hobbling on crutches on my way across the neighboring grocery store parking lot when I remembered I needed to call Ski Butlers. They said they would come to me and I asked them to give me a little time since I was on my first big journey on crutches.

The man on the other end was so gracious. He immediately said he would be there in minutes to drive me to the grocery store.

Call me an idiot or a woman of the 21st century (you know the type of woman, I am woman hear me roar… across this parking lot on crutches) but I declined and had him meet me again at my hotel room to sign the papers.

I was quite impressed with Ski Butlers in Park City, Utah. Simple customer service goes a long way. It seems so easy. Common sense customer service, which we all know isn’t common at all.

That’s the key to Ski Butlers success and growth, “customer service,” said Carey.

“Ski Butlers was founded on customer service and today strives on customer service. Taking the hassle out of renting skis, hiring exceptional team members, and offering the highest level of equipment, all for an affordable price, is a different model than most ski rental shops,” Carey explained.

Ski Butlers is the only ski shop in the nation to offer the same equipment and service at all 10 locations.

“Customers can expect the same exceptional service, with new Rossignol equipment, at all locations,” Carey said. “Customers can also save their info online so new reservations take only a few moments. These are the benefit you don’t see from other ski shops.”