Result: Chivas USA 3 (10-6-3) Galaxy 0 (3-9-5)

Technical difficulties — my laptop wouldn’t boot up — meant no blogging tonight from the Home Depot Center.

An apt analogy for yet another inept Galaxy performance that does not compute before a capacity 27,000 crowd.

This was a comprehensive, well-deserved, put-the-Galaxy-in-their-place victory by Chivas USA. They have suffered a series of small indignities at the hands of the Galaxy and parent corporation Anschutz Entertainment Group in their time at the HDC on and off the field and are now trying not to gloat. Too much.

“They’ve had too much publicity, too much attention,” said two-goal striker Maykel Galindo, who is now tied for fourth with Taylor Twellman on the MLS scoring charts with 10 goals. “If they continue with that (sort of performance) they have a really hard time of making the playoffs.”

Um, yeah.

“It’s going to take something very special,” said GM Alexi Lalas. He is talking more softly with every loss and frankly increasingly reminds me of a dead man walking (as in the team he has (de)constructed are pretty close to being members of the living dead already, to mix my movie metaphors).

“I’m not going to sugercoat it,” he added. “We’re in a very difficult position to make the playoffs.”

How bad is it?

Most of the regular reporting corps seemed to take it easy on Galaxy Coach Frank Yallop in the post-game press conference. He appeared genuinely hurt when one journalist rubbed it in a bit and mentioned that the Galaxy were the worst team in Carson.

“I’m not sure where to start,” Yallop said at the outset. “(That was), if not the worst result since I’ve been here, pretty close.”

David Beckham played the entire 90 minutes, his second game in two days and clearly should not have done so, as Yallop conceded.

“At the end he looked hobbled,” said Yallop. “I can’t see him playing on Sunday (in Colorado).

“I feel sorry for him to be honest,” he added. “His body’s sore because of what he’s done over the last 10 days.”

There is an increasing air of desperation around the Galaxy these days, while for Chivas USA the prevailing atmosphere is vindication.

“Of course, I am proud of my guys,” said Preki when asked if there was some measure of satisfaction in beating the high-profile, free-spending Galaxy, while Chivas USA is getting much smaller crowds, yet getting things done on a much smaller budget.

“Publicity or no publicity, we can’t really worry about that,” he added.

It’s hard not to feel happy for co-owner Antonio Cue who is reaping the rewards of a slow, steady rebuilding process after a humiliating first season.

“It is a very important victory,” said Cue. “It’s not only how we played, but who we played against.”


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