D.C. United at Chivas USA Delayed

The planned 7:30 p.m. kick off has been pushed back 15 minutes because the Middle Tennessee State (I kid you not) college pointy-ball game on ESPN2 is running long.

That’s a real inconvenience for, oh, the 2,000 or so fans who bothered to show up (this could be the worst attendance of the year for Chivas USA).

One person not here is Chivas USA GM Javier Leon who left his post this afternoon to “pursue other endeavors,” the club said in a press release.

None of the usual “spend more time with my family” or “personal reasons” excuses here. Maybe they just needed to save a buck or two with crowds like this.

In any event, co-owner Antonio Cue is expected in the press box at half time, presumably to explain.

I’ll be back with starting line-ups as soon as they’re handed out.

Middle Tennesse State is losing 42-57 against eighth-ranked Louisville, by the way.

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