MLS and Jimmy Eat World

Music and half time shows at major sporting events have seldom worked well together.

Oh, there have been notable exceptions that have either been musically adventurous or controversial (thank you Janet Jackson).

But for the most part its been bland stuff designed to appeal to conservative middle America. Think the uninspired rock of Creed at the Super Bowl.

So it was a pleasant surprise when MLS announced today that emo band Jimmy Eat World would provide the half time entertainment at MLS Cup this year.

Jimmy Eat World play upbeat alternative pop, are fun live and have a new album out that’s arguably their most artistically interesting yet.

Of course, MLS also announced today that opera star Placido Domingo (of Three Tenors fame) at the will sing the national anthem, but I guess there must be something for everyone.

I’ll stick with Jimmy Eat World and catchy hook-driven songs like “The Middle” from a few years back:

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