Sigi Schmid, Season Ending Thoughts


Sigi Schmid agreed to guest blog as MLS wraps up 2007:

MLS Cup is the culmination of a long season.

Some rambling thoughts come to mind:

1. The winner of MLS Cup is very rarely the best team in the league.

It is a Cup; not a league championship.

An old coaching friend of mine said to me long ago that during a season the cream rises to the top; in a cup competition it is like Fantasy Island – everyone’s dream can come true.

Although this year two of the more consistent teams made the finals, that is not always the case.

2. Are new rules coming?

Perhaps two designated players per team.

We have the Beckham rule; now we might have the Landon Donovan rule.

I see arguments on both sides; we will see what happens.

Trading for a second DP spot is possible, but it has a value that needs to be respected.

3. On the expansion Seattle franchise – New teams and marching bands. I love it.

Fans as members. I agree – let’s get involved.

Now we need a team name.

Are we going to get another FC team or team FC?

I hope not.

Maybe it will be an SC for soccer Club.

How about an SSC, Soccer and Social Club? I like that.

4. High profile coaches – I think it is great for our league.

Big salaries – great. I wish some of that would pass down to the current coaches.

MLS is different.

When you are used to going player shopping and not looking at price tags, it is hard to start hunting for bargains.

A bargain for a European team is $2 million or less.

In MLS that is called a DP.

Happy hunting, time to go to those big outlet stores for those quality specials.

5. Finally, MLS gets better every year.

The fans are better every year.

There is a better atmosphere every year in the stadiums.

Media coverage is getting better.

The teams are better.

Players are better.

Now if only the refereeing would do the same.

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