And the Best Soccer Blog in America is…..

Not this one.

It’s this one. And a worthy winner it is, too. The award was announced today by U.S. Soccer.

The Washington Post’s Steven Goff is probably the best-sourced soccer reporter in the nation and regularly breaks news at his Soccer Insider blog. It’s a daily must read.

Taking second place was Soccer by Ives of the Herald News who takes a look at the sport in New York and internationally with what he describes as a “Jersey flavor.” I was going to make a lame joke about mobs, then noticed the front page of the Web site.

Third was the U.S. Women’s National Team blog. No matter how much I like the loquacious wit of USWNT press officer Aaron Heifetz (the unidentified author of the blog since U.S. Soccer likes to remain a faceless monolithic bureaucracy) corporate/official blogs generally lack a distinctive voice. (Are you listening LA Galaxy? After all, were we really going to find out the latest on the Hope Solo saga from US Soccer? And what’s with your own blog being nominated for your own award anyway?

Still, at least that’s a good segue into mentioning some of my favorite blogs.

Best aggregator of links and stories in the nation is DuNord. Bruce does on a national level what I try to do for Southern California. Besides, where else would I have discovered MLS Commissioner Don Garber is a wine freak connoisseur?

New York Times’ Goal blog retains the kind of definitive air you’d expect (loved this post on NASL jerseys) from the newspaper.

For local content, the Sideline Views written by press box colleagues Luis Bueno and Andrea Canales is worth a look. Luis is far more knowledgeable than this gringo will ever be about Mexican futbol and Andrea can get photos uploaded in flash from games and training sessions (the garish blog color scheme has to go though).

Finally, the blog by uberfan Dan Loney is to the soccer blogging world as dry heaves are to your morning. Loney is one of the wittiest guys I know and is the only person I’ve ever seen wear a Tibet National Team shirt.

Of course, I could be wrong about all this.

Have I missed a great blog? Perhaps yours? Send in the link.

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  • Can’t complain about the list above – I check ’em all daily myself. But, since you’re offering, I may as well plug the site I toil on along with a couple other sharp dudes.

    Center Holds It