Do White People Like Soccer?

A good question for multiracial Los Angeles.

Besides, I needed some comic relief after enduring a pre-Olympic qualifying teleconference today that featured Coach Peter Nowak offering up such penetrating insights as “Qualifying is going to be very difficult.” (I’m not kidding).

Perhaps more on that Friday (I feel a rant coming on). But, for now, back to the question.

The question was prompted by this tongue-in-cheek link sent to me by a white, American-born colleague.

And like all good satire, there’s a kernel of truth in there.

If I have another American-born white person approach me to talk about soccer, but in reality it’s simply an excuse to relate the latest triumph of their little brat in AYSO or whatever, I shall find a ball or two to kick, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

The conversations I have outside the press box on the merits of say, the Galaxy verses Chivas USA, are sadly, far and few between.

Now I know a lot of white people who like soccer (a lot of you are reading right now, I hope), but the funniest part of the above link were the number of thin-skinned American-born white people who took exception to the post.

Lighten up people. It’s called S-A-T-I-R-E.

Edgy, racially-tinged satire in the finest tradition of Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce and “All in the Family,” an American rip-off of the far superior English sit-com “‘Til Death Do Us Part.”


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  • Can I just say that there’s a lot of clamor for Beckham to be finally given his 100th cap here in England. He has his critics but many fans believe he has been one of the most consistent players for the country over the past 5-10 years and, despite all the off-field distractions, he has usually done a decent job for England. He was one of the better players in the 3-2 defeat against Croatia that meant we didn’t qualify for Euro 08 and he deserves another chance. I expect him to impress in this game and win a few more caps under Fabio Capello.