Galaxy-Colorado Rapids Post-game & U.S.-England Preview

It’s a two for one post tonight since I just returned from the Galaxy-Colorado Rapids U.S. Open Cup qualifier at the HDC and don’t intend to rise early in the morning to blog.

The Galaxy squandered a flurry of first half chances and then fell to the Rapids on an 82nd minute Conor Casey goal.

And, yes, we’ve heard that before.

Limited blogging tonight since I wrote a (Rapids-centric) game story for the Denver-based Rocky Mountain News and was otherwise engaged. Read it here.

The Daily News version is here.

Video highlights here.

Meanwhile, Landon Donovan and David Beckham the U.S. and England face off in London Wednesday (that’s today for most of you reading this).

A (brief) sampling of stories includes:
*Bob Bradley on Beckham and a head to head comparison of England and the U.S.

Oh yeah, and England is fretting about a possible U.S. bid for the 2018 World Cup.

Finally, as a green card-carrying, English-born, U.S. college-educated resident married to a (naturalized) American citizen I feel this man’s pain.

Me? I’m wussing out and hoping for a tie.

‘Night All.

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  • PZ

    Nick, I’m disappointed in you.

    The best part of the England/US match up is the chance to see the British media go mental if England lose. Remember the Yanks/Planks headline after England lost in Boston? Seriously, who really cares about this match? It’s only a warm-up to bigger competition…for the US it’s the WC Qualifiers and for England it’s the Eur…errr friendly against TnT. OK, maybe we’ll skip it.

    BTW, did you see that Naaarich are holding celebrations next year to mark the 50th anniversary of them making the FA Cup semis? 🙂

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    After the game (according to the Sideline Views blog), Ruud Gullit said, “But everyone is going to write that we can’t play without those two (LD and Becks).”

    No, Ruud, it’s just that you can’t win w/o those two. Big difference, especially for a team that values winning/hardware/entertainment/making beaucoup bucks/whatever.

    Here’s the main thing to take away from this game: A veteran-heavy starting lineup w/o The Big Two essentially lost to a bunch of reserve players, thereby proving how woefully inadequate it is for league competition.

    You can thank The Boobsey Twins (Lalas and Lie-weke) for that.

    Just remember: Sturgis and Findley for Klein. That’s all you need to know.