Xavier Rips Referee

Galaxy defender Abel Xavier was upset over the foul and yellow card from referee Mark Geiger that set up the game-tying goal by Columbus.

“C’mon, the referee is so bad,” Xavier said. “The question of one of the things they must improve in this league is the referees. It is very clear my foot was on the ball. If someone has eyes, they see clear contact with the ball.

“I can name 15 wrong decisions with the ref on both sides.”

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  • Inigo Montoya

    Yes, it was a terrible call. But the Galaxy left so many goals unfinished that they made it possible for one bad call to change the game.

    Just as important, Xavier was obviously struggling in the last few minutes of the game, especially from the time he went down at midfield (when was that? around 85 minutes?).

    On the final goal, if you watch the replay, Xavier just stood there as the ball landed at Lenhart’s feet. Lenhart had no pressure as he kicked it in. If Xavier had been fit, he could easily have cleared or at least made the play more difficult.

    Gullett had a substitution available, and should have taken Xavier off minutes before. The coach has to take some of the responsibility for the result this time.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Xavier, stop blaming the officiating for your own incompetence. You are the worst defender in the league! You’re so bad that you can’t even play in Kazakhstan’s fourth division.

    You must have some incriminating photos of Lalas, Becks, Landon or Posh; that’s the only reason the Gals are keeping you.