Xavier On Galaxy

Galaxy central defender Abel Xavier did not mince words on the club that waived him today:

“There’s a shift-the-wind philosophy (here). Many players feel the same way but because they are not secure in their contract, they are afraid to say what they think.”

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  • Joseph DHippolito

    If he’s referring to player acquisitions, then Xavier is certainly right. His remarks remind me of Santino Quaranta’s remarks upon his departure, that Yallop and Lalas had no communication and didn’t know what they were doing. Well, we know that’s true of Lalas.

    The whole problem, again, boils down to AEG’s demand for immediate success, especially w/Beckham here. Look at Lalas’ deals ever since he came on board, even before Beckham arrived. They had all the deliberation of a man trying to catch a late train at Union Station. And what’s been the result? Constant player turnover, a lack of consistency and chemistry on the field, and three players consuming half the salary cap!

    The Galaxy is not the “jewel of MLS.” It’s the Zimbabwe of MLS, w/Leiweke playing the part of Mugabe and Lalas as the head of his secret police.

    Oh, btw…

    Hi, Justin and Sahar!