Abby Wambach Speaks

Hermosa Beach resident Abby Wambach spoke to reporters today for the first time since breaking her leg in the final U.S. game before the Olympics July 16 against Brazil.

Here’s what she said she thought about when the injury occurred:

“I realized in that moment and accepted in that moment that my Olympic dreams were not going to be what I had planned. I accepted the reality of this situation. This was a deep down acceptance of my reality. A lot of the times when you freak out about stuff is when you are more unsure of reality. It was an all encompassing moment. I wasn’t freaked out.”

Quotes from the whole interview are here.

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  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    This woman has the audacity to talk about team spirit when she was one of those who cruelly calculated to conspire w/Kristine Lilly against Hope Solo when all Solo did was made a mistake in the heat of the moment and under emotional duress?

    Tell me, Abby, if you’re such a “team leader,” then why does Christie Rampone wear the captain’s armband, huh?

    Save your self-promotion for somebody who cares.

    BTW, I hope you use your recovery time wisely. By that, I hope you reflect on how you bullied another human being when she was vulnerable, how you refused to empathize with her and how all that reflects your true character.

  • Joseph DHippolito

    To reinforce my point, here is a selection from Mark Ziegler’s latest soccer article in the San Diego Union-Tribune dealing w/Wambach’s injury and absence.

    Other players, while horrified by the injury and dismayed to see a teammate’s Olympic dream snuffed so suddenly, seemed almost enthusiastic to embrace the challenge of LWA: Life without Abby. They are losing one of the most prolific scorers in soccer, certainly, but they are also losing an abrasive, in-your-face, often overbearing persona Wambach fully admits she is loud that unintentionally may have suffocated the development of a post-Hamm generation of players.

    An oxygen vampire, one person close to the team called her. She walks in and sucks the air out of the room.

    Here’s the whole article:

    Translation: Wambach is a bully who apparently gets her jollies by intimidating others.

    Abby, if you’re reading this and you don’t like it…well, girlfriend, what goes around comes around!

  • Marissa

    ok listen man! Abby is great!!!!! she is my idol so in yo face! you cant be mean to someone for being mean (abby wasnt being mean)dont fight fire with fire!