Nobby Solano & the Galaxy

Soccer writer Scott Wolf expanded on his earlier post on this blog about the possibility of the Galaxy signing Nolberto Solano (but frankly, I like saying Nobby) with a story today in the newspaper.

I’ve always admired Peuervian Solano, a player with panache and verve, but let’s hope if the Galaxy do sign him they have more success than they did with Portuguese Abel Xavier (so inept he was dumped even with a guaranteed contract) and Nigerian Celestine Babayaro (last seen trying out with EPL team Portsmouth) who was cut before the season even began.

Ex-EPL foreign stars just haven’t turned out so well, have they?

While we’re at it, what’s with the Galaxy’s lack of disclosure about Solano?

If they’re thinking about signing him, why don’t they just say “we hope to reach an agreement on personal terms.” If not, say so. A “no comment,” (which is what the Galaxy have said so far) essentially means “we’re talking to him, we just don’t want to tell you.”

Silly, considering (and correct me if I’m wrong) Solano is a free agent anyway.

Are the Galaxy worried other MLS teams will figure out who they’re talking to? Too late.

The lack of disclosure until every “i” is dotted and every “t” crossed is counter productive. Let’s face it Galaxy, most sports fans don’t care about you anyway. Throw a bone to those who do.

Updated: this video shows what Ruud Gullit (a former Newcastle United coach) likely sees in Solano –

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  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Nick, it’s all about information control. The Galaxy, as you well know, is anal about control, manipulation and spin.

    I listened to the beginning of Joe McDonnell’s radio program on KLAC-AM Monday evening, and he and his co-hosts were talking about the Times article about David Beckham’s impact after one year. McDonnell said that during the NBA Finals, he saw Beckham sitting courtside at Staples Center, and went up to talk to him. He then saw Tim Leiweke and asked, “When is your boy going to come on our show?” Leiweke just laughed, McDonnell said.

    McDonnell added that Leiweke is clueless about public relations. Fewer truer words were said. The Galaxy feels it has a divine right to manipulate and intimidate reporters (frankly, it feels it has a divine right to do whatever it wants; talk about a sense of misplaced entitlement!).