Wednesday Rumblings

Well, let’s hope there’s no repeat of Tuesday’s temblor, but it seemed an apt headline in more ways than one as you’ll find out if you keep reading.

*The U.S. Men’s Olympic Team drew 0-0 with the Ivory Coast in Hong Kong in what was the wee hours of the morning our time. Cameroon is up Saturday in the final tune-up before the games begin.

*The Galaxy have finally confirmed their interest in Nolberto Solano (noteworthy in that Galaxy officials usually never confirm that sort of thing).

*Meanwhile, ultimate Soccer Insider Steven Goff reports on “rumblings” (told ya) that Galaxy owner Uncle Phil Anschutz is “none too pleased” with the performance of his team.

One would think General Manager Alexi Lalas might be on the hot seat, so why has Coach Ruud Gullit put his home up for sale? Especially considering the crummy housing market right now and the fact he presumably hasn’t owned it long. Take a peek.

*The winner of tonight’s second SuperLiga semifinal between the New England Revolution and Atlante (live 5 p.m. on Telefutura) will face Houston in next week’s final after the Dynamo Tuesday dispatched cup holders Pachuca, 2-0.

*Lastly, AYSO has come home.

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  • fan

    Nick, do you know if Chivas USA has open practice tomorrow (Thursday)? I’d like to see them before they head out on that road trip. Thanks.

    Nick replies: Yes, 10 a.m. Field 6, their usual practice time and place. And unlike the Galaxy, Chivas USA usually holds open practice. Don’t be late – I’m guessing it could be shorter than usual.

  • S

    I’d hope that Lalas would get fired first, but it seems likely that Lalas would fire Ruud in a last ditch effort to save his job.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Here’s a sterling comment from yankiboy on Goff’s blog:

    What?!?! AEG types are now, just learning that Alexis isn’t good GM material?!?! 3 franchises later??? At least them last time out he helped make them a lot of money (of course, they spent a lot of money too).

    That’s freaking hilarious.

    Let’s not forget that when AEG ran the first version of the San Jose Earthquakes, Lalas was hired to be GM. He had no experience in business or player development; he was a “name” that AEG thought it could train from scratch.

    BTW, this is par for the course for AEG; they’ve done the same thing with Dave Taylor and Luc Robitalle for the Kings.

    And, in a sense, AEG was right. Lalas, known for his individualty during his playing days, has turned into the perfect corporate suit. He regurgitates the party line faster than the Soviet propaganda ministry under Stalin.

    But he obviously has no talent for recognizing playing talent, and he probably doesn’t have that great a business acumen, either. Tom Payne negotiated the pre-season tour to Asia, not Lalas.

    BTW, if Lalas fires Gullit, expect the Dutchman to abandon his reserve and reveal what the Galaxy is really like.

  • Inigo Montoya

    Count me in on the bandwagon re: Lalas. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him dump Ruud, given the way the Galaxy have handled head coaches since Sigi. No rhyme or reason as far as I can see.

    Count me as worried that Ruud has put his house on the market, tho’ I’ve got to say Nick that writing about the coach’s real estate is so LA. Kind of like reading the DC-based “Soccer Insider” and seeing comments about the presidential election and “K St lobbyists,” whatever that’s got to do with soccer.

    Still and all, seems to me that the team has shown it _can_ play something close to complete soccer, except for at the back. They just _don’t_, most of the time. And the highs aren’t as high as the lows are low. I guess Ruud is responsible for both of those: the higher potential and the maddening inconsistency.

    So does that mean he’s a good coach? Yes. Does that mean he’s a bad coach? Yes.

    Go figure.