• Nathanhj

    I don’t see how this is even remotely possible. Cap space, senior roster, international roster spots, DP slots. I don’t see it working from any possible angle. I think this is just agent gamesmanship to get more $$ from whomever else is bidding.

  • Inigo Montoya

    Hm. From the British press, he sounds like damaged (naggingly injured) goods. That may be sour grapes, since he was healthy enough to captain Sweden in the Euro tournament.

    The money stuff also sounds weird. He was being paid more per week (about $150k) with West Ham than all but a few players in MLS make in a year. OTOH, the club bought out the last year of his contract (and an option) for $8 million, so he doesn’t have to worry about making money.

    I don’t get why he’d be interested in coming over here, unless it’s to make money as a male model. Works for Becks, I guess.

  • Jason Dieguez

    Not gonna happen, not gonna happen. RSL told their fans why they weren’t getting him so Lalas or someone fronm the front office should come out and squash this.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Freddie Ljungberg? Why does the Galaxy need him? I thought Joe Franchino was the American Claude Makelele.

    You know, I suspect that Lev Yashin and Bobby Moore would want to sign w/the Galaxy, as well, and the Galaxy should persue them. After all, the Galaxy needs massive upgrades in goal and on the back line. Besides, they’d probably fit under the salary cap … since they’re both dead.