Because Jesus Has Already Taken the Penalty, You Can be Saved & Other Friday Football Funnies

After the realities of the last week – politicians seeking to bail out their banking buddies or (even worse) the Galaxy doing an excellent impression of a PDL team (no disrespect intended to that league) – I figured those of us with brains shaped like this (thanks to reader KLF for the link) could do with a laugh.

So check out these (mostly) true and (mostly) funny soccer-related items and have a good weekend:
*The Church of England is targeting soccer sinners.

*If you’re heading to Vegas this weekend you might want head for the Riviera Casino and check out this huge freaking foosball tourny.

*Now this is taking youth soccer a little too far.

*This next one is not strictly soccer related, but could proove useful to those LA Riot Squad members who have been known to enjoy a beer (or four). The best part: it’s a public service announcement by England’s National Health Service (can anyone see our laugh a minute federal government doing this?). (Thanks to Joseph for the link).

*Finally, this one proves that the new Women’s Professional Soccer league has not one shred of self-awareness.

Just like D.C. United, the WPA will be fussy how the media uses its acronym:

Please first reference the league in print or broadcast coverage using the full name of Women’s Professional Soccer. Please do not abbreviate the leagues name to Women’s Pro Soccer, or qualify it as the Women’s Professional Soccer, the WPS, Women’s Professional Soccer league, WPS league, the Women’s Professional Soccer league, or the WPS league.

Fair enough. But as observant reader Llew pointed here’s the e-mail address the league will be using just in case anyone needs clarification: (leaguedepartment)


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