FC Dallas-Galaxy Post-Game

Galaxy 2 FC Dallas 2
Edson Buddle scores the Galaxy’s first goal
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Game story.

There was a lot to talk about in the post-game press conference.

Retiring Dallas midfielder Bobby Rhine (captain for the day) and retiring Galaxy defender Greg Vanney (captain at game’s end) both spoke and summed up their respective careers

The two opposing coaches, the Galaxy’s Bruce Arena and Dallas’ Schellas Hyndman, spoke about their massive respective off-season rebuilding jobs.

And Landon Donovan and David Beckham addressed the next phases of their careers.

Below is just a sampling of what they had to say. I’ll update with more later.

Galaxy Coach Bruce Arena on the strides the team has made since he took over:

“As the season ends, am I pleased competitively where we are right now? No, not at all. The work starts immediately now to improve this roster, improve this team. To improve the philosophy, to improve the leadership, to improve the commitment and make everything better.

On how the team has improved and how it can get better:

“We have, oddly enough, improved defensively. However we’re not good enough positionally in a lot of spots on the field. …I know this roster very well now. And I know what needs to be done. … It’s pretty obvious the kind of changes we need to make to get better. And I think we can accomplish most of that, although it’s going top take a little bit of good bookkeeping. We have to deal with issues with salary cap.

On Beckham’s performance:

Those of you who might doubt the commitment of David Beckham – he played hurt today. We weren’t sure he’d be able to play. I applaud David for his effort on the field today because he was not 100 percent.”

Greg Vanney on receiving the captain’s armband from Beckham when he came on (very) late:

“David’s decision to give me the armband was just spur of the moment – he did it. I don’t think there was any premeditation or anything on that level so I think (it was) just a very respectful move by him. We’ve gotten to be fairly close this year. I think it was a great move, I was touched by it. That was one of the highlights of my day, actually.

On when he decided to retire:

“I’ve been considering it for, who knows, throughout the year. I’ve had a difficult run the past few years. I’ve moved probably four or five times the last two years alone, the last 18 months probably. That type of thing, along with non-guaranteed contracts as well as the difficulty every off-season with MLS and the uncertainty – this club probably rebuilding anew a little bit. I tried to make the decision that was best for me. I kind of came to that conclusion in the last few weeks.’

David Beckham on his quad injury and his immobility the last few games:

“It’s just my age maybe. I’ve had it three days; I haven’t been able to train the last two days. My quads were burning, but I got through the game.”

On the quality of MLS officiating:

“As a professional, it’s frustrating because we try and do our jobs and we expect other people to do their’s as well and do it in the right way. And the majority of the time it’s so inconsistent. It’s simple plays that are affecting the game – and ruining the game. … I’m fed up with sitting up here and talking about that. … It can only get better. It can’t get any worse.”

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