Sunday Galaxy Gameday

This is it.

The final Galaxy game. Team awards will be handed out. And players will shuffle off into the sunset.

So we’ll keep this simple.

Game preview.

Notable: There should be a bigger discount at the Team LA Store. All Galaxy merchandise is off 40 percent today – but they’ve been off far more than that this season.


“It’s certainly a team that needs to be reconstructed, if you want to use that word,” said Coach Bruce Arena. “We have an odd balance on our team on the field. We have an odd balance age-wise. And we certainly have some issues that need to be resolved with the salary cap.”

Here’s Arena on what a great job Anschutz Entertainment Group has done as owners (ahem):

“They’re passionate. They put their money where their mouths are. Phil Anschutz has carred this league on his back .Tim Lieweke has done a passionate job in the process. Hey, they’ve done a fabulous job. Where we’ve screwed up is we in management and the front office in getting this team better and the players. That’s where the problem lies – we’ve got to get it better. That’s my job and the players job – that’s why I’m here. It hasn’t been good enough. If you’re grading just on ownership we won the league a long time ago. … We’re not getting it done on the field. Let’s be fair about that. I wish I could blame our performances on ownership.”

Let’s leave it on that surreal note.

The game begins at noon on FSN.

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